A Look at the World’s Most Famous Swimming Pools

People don’t often go on vacation to see attractions they can see at home. They go to take a gander at exotic aspects of unique places. If you’re jet-setting on the search for such an experience, think about taking some time to experience some of the most phenomenal pools on the planet. You might consider swimming pool and spa design to be fairly one-dimensional. They’re full of water, usually four-sided or round, and commonly full of chlorinated fresh water. But many custom pool builders out there have found new ways to put a one-of-a-kind spin on the traditional pool. Here we’ll dip into some of the world’s most notable pools.

California’s Most Popular Pools

This outdoor pool is that of the late William Randolph Hearst. Mr. Hearst was an American mogul who lived in his castle in the early 1900s and hosted a gamut of stars, politicians, and individuals of high society. Now a United States National Historic Landmark, the Heart castle features two notable swimming pools: the Neptune Pool and the Roman Pool.

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The Largest Pools on the Planet

Looking to host an epic pool party this summer? Consider hosting it at one of these two pools; the largest currently in existence.

The title for the world’s largest indoor swimming pool goes to the “Ocean Dome.” This indoor pool can hold up to 10,000 people and is located at the Seagaia Resort in Miyazaki, Japan. Complete with a retractable roof and sand, this dome is kept at a comfortable 85 degrees with the water sitting at 77 degrees. To sweeten the deal, the dome also holds a manufactured volcano that spits flames, and also a wave machine.

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The world’s largest outdoor swimming pool is located in the Chilean resort of San Alfonso Del Mar. Created by Chilean biochemist Fernando Fischmann, this pool cost over a billion dollars to create and over five years to build. This pool holds 250,000 cubic meters of water and is 3,300 meters long, covering over 860,000 square feet altogether. This pool is a saltwater lagoon that holds its own place in the Guinness Book of World Records, with water pumped in from the Pacific Ocean then filtered and treated before being supplied to the pool.

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The World’s Deepest Pool

Designed for deep diving practice, the world’s deepest pool sits in Belgium. Nemo 33 is 33 meters deep (over 100 feet). As a certified indoor dive center, flat platforms at various depths allow divers to explore a variety of diving levels. Full of non-chlorinated water, Nemo 33 is open to all recreational divers over 12, including tourists and beginners.

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The World’s Most Dangerous Swimming Pool

The most dangerous pool in the world sits in Victoria Falls, shared between Zimbabwe and Zambia. With a drop of over 400 feet, the “Devil’s Pool” is open to swimmers from September to December. At these times, swimmers can play just feet from where these waters cascade over the ledge without getting swept along with it to the depths of the gorge below.

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Iceland’s Most Famous Attraction

The Blue Lagoon is believed to have natural healing powers. Visited by over 400,000 people each year, the water of the Blue Lagoon comes from a geothermal power plant that pulls it up from over 6,000 feet below the ground.

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The silica found in the water creates a natural barrier that prevents it from reabsorbing into the earth. At varying temperatures around 104 degrees throughout the pool, the pool is used as a local spa and bathing area. Built in 1991, the water hosts a rich mineral and sulfur content and the pool offers areas with ledges for resting and caves for privacy.


Australia’s Icebergs

At Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia, this swimming pool is a full-sized eight lane swimming pool open to the public. The creation of the Bondi Icebergs can be attributed to the Swimmer’s Club, which was created by a band of local lifeguards who wished to continue swimming throughout the winter. The Winter Swimming Club became licensed in 1960 and now resides on today’s two-floor premises.

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Berlin’s Badeschiff

This “bathing ship” is made from an old cargo container. Located on the Spree River, the Badeschiff is a floating container that becomes an outdoor pool in the summer with a beach, bar, and DJs. In the winter, the pool is covered for warmth and comfort.

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Pimalai Resort, Thailand

This serene, breathtaking pool is a fresh water infinity pool set above the sea, allowing you a spectacular view of the beach sunset. This meditative pool came into being in 2001 and is offered by the five-star Pimalai Resort that has since won awards for its location, beauty, and accommodations.

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Every corner of the world has a pool made for taking laps in luxury. From Thailand to Iceland, each pool offers its own spin on spectacular and offers a unique experience for visitors from around the globe. What surreal swimming facilities do you think San Diego pool builders can dream up to make a local mark on the list?


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